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How we empower teaching assistants to support maths in the classroom
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We are an award-winning charity!

We are celebrating an award-winning few months.  At the OCVA awards, one of our dedicated volunteers, Fiona Wellstood, won an award for all her hard work for us over the last 2 years. Plus, Reading Quest was thrilled to win the Working Together award. See the news page for more details ».

We now have a global trading arm with our app Numbugs on the Google Playstore and iOS app store, find out more ».


Our literacy work

Throughout the UK, there are thousands of children struggling to get to grips with reading and writing. They face years of frustration in the classroom and run the risk of becoming turned off by education.

Staggeringly, around 1 in 3 children don’t reach expected levels of literacy by aged 11 in disadvantaged areas, and the future life chances of these youngsters look bleak unless help is at hand.

Reading Quest dedicates itself to reaching out to these young people to give them the opportunity to catch up with their peers, enjoy attainment in the classroom and have aspirations for the future.

Since our charity was launched more than 17 years ago, we have trained thousands of teachers and teaching assistants to use our programme in Oxfordshire, where we are based, as well as in other parts of the country, such as Bristol, the West Midlands and London. We have created special relationships with schools and work in partnership with them in order to raise attainment.

Our aim is to give every child an equal chance through reading to think, write and enjoy learning.

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Our numeracy work

A child’s life chances are also hugely dependent on learning basic maths. Children who struggle with numeracy are twice as likely to be excluded from school, and later in life adults with poor numeracy are twice as likely to be unemployed.

Two-thirds of young people in custody have numeracy levels at or below the level expected of an 11-year-old. There are schools throughout the UK in which only half of pupils reach the expected standards of numeracy.

Our commitment to supporting children also extends into the area of numeracy and we have launched some exciting numeracy initiatives, which include workshops to help teaching assistants feel more confident supporting pupils with their maths.

Plus, we also run seminars for maths teaching specialists who want to improve their skills.
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  • It helped my daughter with her confidence. She really enjoyed her one- on-one time and brought that enthusiasm home.