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Helping children with literacy and numeracy

“Too many children fall behind during early and primary years and they never catch up”. This was a conclusion drawn from the CBI Pearson Education and Skills Survey 2013. In 2012, 36% of pupils in England did not achieve A* – C in GCSE English and 42% missed attaining at least a C in GCSE maths according to the same report.

Improvements have been made in recent years in children’s literacy and numeracy but statistics can mask what is happening in regard to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. When one focuses on children who are eligible for free school meals, the statistics become alarming. Taking maths and English together, The National Literacy Trust, in their State of the Nation and Impact Report 2013-2014, found that only 38% of children eligible for free school meals reached the minimum of a C grade at GCSE in both subjects. Clearly, the prospects for children from disadvantaged homes look bleak.

Reading Quest dedicates itself to reaching out to these young people to give them the opportunity to make progress, enjoy learning in the classroom and have growing aspirations for the future.


Our literacy work

We have several teaching and training activities for helping children improve their literacy:

• Reading Quest programme – Professional, trained tutors work 1:1 with Key Stage 1 pupils to boost their reading and writing skills.

• BookQuest programme *NEW* – Professional, trained tutors work with small groups of Key Stage 2 children or on a 1:1 basis, discussing and writing about specially chosen books together.

• Training on BookQuest *NEW* – Designed for Key Stage 2 children who are struggling with reading comprehension, spoken language, have limited vocabulary and need a boost with writing. On a 1:1 basis or in groups.

• Training courses run to help teachers and teaching assistants with various aspects of literacy teaching.

See our Literacy Page or Training Courses Page for more information on the literacy aspects of our work.

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Our numeracy work

We also have teaching innovations for helping children with their numeracy as well as professional courses:

• Training Courses for Promoting Mathematical Learning *Updated* – This course, aimed at teaching assistants, is designed to empower professionals to feel more skilled supporting pupils with mathematics. It has been updated and is in line with the National Curriculum.

• Training Courses on NUMSKILLS *NEW* – Numskills is a fantastic bank of resources designed to help children with mental maths in fun ways. Teachers and/or teaching assistants can be trained to deliver Numskills at courses run around the country.

• NEW! NUMSKILLS teaching – Professional, trained tutors help small groups of pupils with mental maths by playing games using playing cards, dice, counters, etc.

• NUMBUGS App – A computer game for helping children with their mental maths while they keep the world safe from invading alien bugs.

See our Numeracy Page or Training Courses Page for more information on the numeracy aspects of our work.

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